Thursday, June 03, 2010

5 Year Anniversary Celebration-DAY FOUR!

The first stole we sold online was embellished with a beehive. This came to be (ha, ha! no pun intended) from seeing a beehive on a worship sanctuary lectern and feeling drawn to the meaning of why it was there. I must confess that I had to research this to discover that it represented eloquence, 'honeyed words', and an ordered community. Tell us what symbol resonates with you when you see it and you'll be entered to win one of these 8 x 10 pieces of collage art. If you are the one randomly drawn winner you may choose the "jump for joy" collage on the left or the "grow through life" collage on the right. They are both small pieces of fiber art that have been added to a collaged, gallery wrapped canvas.


Dawn said...

This is a tough one -- again, different symbols resonate more strongly at different times. That being said, I suppose the triquetra is the symbol that always speaks to me. It is, for me, so symbolic of the Trinity -- three in one, no beginning and end, all equal and three distinct, yet one. (This is as complicated as last Sunday's sermon!) I am also a true lover of Ireland (having been there four times), so it clicks with me in that respect, reminding me of St. Patrick's use of the shamrock to explain the Trinity to the non-believers when he returned to Ireland. That story, whether true or not, reminds us all that symbols can help in our teaching and assist others in learning and remembering the salient points of the most important story.

RevAnne said...

I'm always attracted to organic images such as leaves/trees or the ocean...somehow they help me re-center myself.

Carrot Top Studio: said...'re a winner with Carrot Top Studio! Email us your shipping address and which collage you'd like and we'll send it on its way!