Tuesday, June 01, 2010

5 Year Anniversary Celebration-DAY TWO

It's our second day of marking Carrot Top Studio's five year anniversary. Today we're reflecting on the church year calendar. I'm drawn to the seasons of preparation and reflection...Advent and Lent. Creatively I think Lent is a little more challenging. Artistically I thrive on challenge. So if I had to chose a "favorite" season in the church year it would have to be Lent. Therefore today we're giving away a copy of our Lent Art Journey book that came to be from an art exhibit we did based on stations of reflection for the season of Lent. 

Tell us why you're drawn to one particular season of the church year and we'll enter you to win this book. Anyone can play-clients, friends of the studio, former anniversary celebration winners! One winner will be drawn and notified in about twelve hours.

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Dawn said...

The seasons of the church year touch me differently each year. One year, it might be Lent, if I have been led to a particularly focused Lenten intention to reflect on during the season. Another year, it might be Advent and the joy of anticipation coupled with the challenge of engaging the congregation in true Advent studies instead of simply the run-up to Christmas. This year, I’m drawn to Ordinary Time, most likely because in January, we declared this the “Year of Ordinary Miracles” at our church – a year when we would recognize and mark the miracles that happen every day, within our church and our lives.

Ordinary Time is anything but ordinary and we should be reminded that it isn’t just the time between Easter and Advent (too often thought of as days with nothing else happening), but are the “counted weeks” of the year. To me, this year, it’s an opportunity to step away from the liturgy and identify some of the wonders of the Old Testament that are all too often left behind in our studies as we focus on Christ and His work. Finding the types of Christ in the OT and identifying those portions of Scripture that point to each aspect of the Trinity and guide us toward the beauty of the coming Advent (that’s redundant!) in an unusual way is a Spirit-filled challenge.

Ordinary Time gives me the opportunity to weave Scripture and life together to create something that brings the Bible alive to me and my congregation.