Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Tribute to Dorcas (and Button Day)

Today, November 16th is officially recognized  as "Button Day." It's not because it's cold outside and you need to button up nor is it an opportunity to tell someone to button up because they talk too much. It's a tribute to that small disk or knob that you use to close your garments. The button is at least 3000 years old and was originally just used for decoration. Intrigued for more information? You might like to read about the National Button Society.

Learning these bits of trivia has led us to the story of Dorcas (also known as Tabitha) and the need to design a ministry stole with buttons on it! This green stole is perfect for remembering the work of those that sew for the needy the way Dorcas did.  Acts 9:32-43 teaches us that Dorcas made an enormous impact upon her community by sewing for and helping the poor.  There's no way Dorcas could "push our buttons" other than to motivate us to focus on the gifts we've been given and figure out how to best use them to further the kingdom.

Find this stole and other stoles recalling saints and special days here on the Carrot Top Studio website.


RevAnne said...

I love Dorcas...not least of which is that she is one of the few women openly referred to as a disciple. The fact that she loved to be creative and useful just endears her to me more. She's my hero(ine)!

Carrot Top Studio: said...

I whole heartedly agree!

JKE (& Mom) said...

I am missing the recommendation to your readers to not dress up your daughter as Dorcas when they have to dress up as a bible character in junior high ... too bad you couldn't find the picture of this one. All joking aside, I don't remember the teasing - I only remember the little white wicker basket I carried with all of my "sewing stuff" - little did we know how important sewing would be in both of our lives some day!

Carrot Top Studio: said...

OK, confession....I know about Dorcas because my sister dressed as her for some sort of church function MANY years ago! So sorry our mother couldn't find a photo of that event so it could be part of the blog post :^)