Monday, January 12, 2015

I Wonder

From time to time I share bits and pieces of personal information and/or about the inside
This is where I'm writing you from today!
workings of Carrot Top Studio so you can get to know us better. In turn we know a little about you from email exchanges or by meeting you on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. But these many hours I'm spending inside these wintry days have caused me to be thinking about you...

I wonder what your favorite season of the church year is to add visual elements to in worship?

I wonder how many stoles you own?

I wonder if you bought all of your stoles at the time of Ordination or if you've added to the collection over the years?

I wonder if you buy your stoles or if you receive them as gifts?

I wonder if you like wearing stoles or if you do it only because of the tradition?

I wonder if you have a ritual or prayer or words when you put your stole on prior to leading in worship?

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