Thursday, February 12, 2015

Book Review: Crafting Calm

Carrot Top Studio dabble's a little on Pinterest.  Do you? I entered skeptically as I felt like we already had more than enough social media connections. But then the organizer, always looking for a good idea, connector in me was quickly hooked. One thing led to another and I was introduced to the work of Maggie Oman Shannon. How unique it is to find a ministry leader that focuses on creativity! I picked up her book Crafting Calm and was tickled to see the variety of projects, the connections for journaling and reflecting, the definitions and quotes and the lovely bibliography. There's enough in this little book that after I perused it from my local library I think I'm going to purchase it as it will be good to have on hand for a while. You might enjoy it for yourself, your christian education director at your church, your vacation Bible School coordinator (break free from the purchased VBS model!), or as a gift for a crafty critter you know and love. Thanks Maggie for bringing us something a little new and different!

About the photo--My latest crafting project-a little clutch just right for my phone and a lipstick. Book gem was found on my trip here. But thanks to Crafting Calm I might next try a Biblical Garden, a Talking Stick or Bread Meditation.

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