Friday, July 10, 2015

The ABC's of Carrot Top Studio (and Me)

This is just for fun, but maybe you'll also get to know us a little bit better! Here we go....

A: Carrot Top Studio AGE 11, Me AGE 51

B: BOOK on the studio coffee table is  Quilting With a Modern Slant and I'm listening to The Telling Room while I sew.

dear husbands enjoys the carrot cake
for each birthday

C: CARROT Top Studio became our business name because of the childhood teasing for my orange hair. And my favorite CARROT cake recipe is this one.

D: DELIGHTING in the three fawn that just ran past my studio window. 

E: EAGER to get to the farmer's market at the end of the day today. The colors and patterns are a visual feast for me and I also look forward to cooking with the fresh produce.

F: FEAR of heights except when in an airplane.

G: GRAY is a great neutral in Carrot Top Studio quilts and for me it's about 8% of my hair.

H: HOPE is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul (Emily Dickinson).

I: A couple spoonfuls of ICE CREAM is a treat of a mid afternoon snack at Carrot Top Studio. Shhh....don't tell!

J: JOY is a welcome challenge to try to depict in a ministry stole design. 

K: KITES....I like to fly them and that is a happy memory from my childhood.  In college for a three dimensional design class I built a kite that was larger than I and had hand dyed paper on it.

L: LOVE wins.

M: MIDDLE name: Louise. I was born in the southern part of the US and my parents thought they'd call me "Jenny Lou." They moved a year later. I'm glad.

N: NOTHING can separate us from the love of God.

O:'s my hair color. It's not red. Why do they call us redheads?

P: PAINTING is something I like to do on fabric. It takes me back to when I studied watercolors in high school.

Q: QUALITY wins over quantity in and out of the studio. For example, when I'm sneaking that mid afternoon ice cream I'd much rather have a bite of premium than a quart of store brand ice cream. (grin)

kayaking with my daughter

R: RELATING to people is sometimes a delight for me and at others a stress. That's probably why having an online business works well for me!

S: SUMMER fun: kayaking or hiking or working or eating outside.

T: I have learned to TRUST that God gives me enough time to conquer what I'm really supposed to be doing. I used to stress about time and schedules and don't really do that anymore. 

U: I am UPLIFTED in worship (especially when in Haiti), in a book store or an art museum.

V: VERSE, today Psalm 23:1...."the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."

W: WEEDING out art supplies I no longer use or weeding the garden beds....both enjoyable activities

X: eXample...Grateful for so many people who have served as examples to me.

Y: I YEARN to have more time to practice YOGA. It challenges me and helps to keep me peaceful.

Z: ZIGZAG is a sewing stitch that I use quite a lot.

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